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If Ariel had been a man, and Flounder a girl:


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obama smoking

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scrat and titanic

Some kittens, Updates

“A true cat lover cradles a newborn kitten and knows nine lives will never be nearly enough.” – Author unknown

newbornkittenNot my kitten, but it was so cute and came with the quote.

Here are my kitties:

eggbert and callie

They fluffy grey one is Eggbert, he’s rather shy with other people. With me he’s quite the love, quick to purr and cuddle and often meow in the whiny kind of way when he wants to cuddle in my arms or lap. He loves being held close to the chest more than the other two. The long haired Calico is Callie, she’s the queen and loves to hunt. She’s also the largest.

Aldrick and Prince

And there is my dog Prince and Little Baby Aldrick. Aldrick adores Prince and they often cuddle together. Aldrick is more nocturnal, spends his nights hunting outside just as I do and greets me when I pull up in the mornings with lots of meows and rubbing around my feet. He too is quick to purr and cuddle like most boy cats seem to be. He also follows Prince and I to the park a block behind the house when we go that way. Yesterday, Aldrick brought me this:

Aldrick's gift

He’s only 11 months old! I was so proud!

Reminded me of this cute little comic I have in my collection:

kitty eating mice

I spent lots of time with them this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Those are my nights off. I had my birthday, and I’m 29 now.  I spend a lot of time at home, have become quite the homebody. I like cleaning, and hanging out with the animals. I have a nice back courtyard with new lights for it, one of them solar. It’s very private. I even have a few flowers growing. There are a couple on the front porch too. And my landlord has been doing the repairs I demanded (that or no rent) so I have new heaters installed (will need them soon enough) as well as three new windows. I need old vents ripped out still, with the floor and wall construction complete. Plus a whole new bathroom, the old one has become infested with black mold and she’s ignored the problem for almost a year, now her hands are tied.


why don't they riot

That’s just sad, poor abandoned blog.

And here I just started another, but on a topic I think I have a lot more on which to write.

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Humans speak of this often and we marvel at it and it never gets old – change is such a constant. Sounds almost like an oxymoron. How can something be consistently inconsistent?

I am chin deep in graduate school, work, beginning practicum, and saving the world. I go in for my first day at my practicum site tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m trying to but I’m scared. It wasn’t my first choice and I’ve spent a lot of hours and money getting this certified counselor license through the state, and I still have to take a really expensive test but I AM almost done with that process at least, I just need to write the check. I would have mailed it while in the post office today but I forgot my checkbook.

I worked Sunday night, went to class after work Monday morning, got done at 5pm and took a three hour nap, getting up to get ready for work again Monday night. This morning, Tuesday, I got off took another three hour nap and got up to early so I could drive here – I needed to go to the courthouse for a records request. Now I am here, on a campus computer. Can you tell Sunday through Tuesday is balls to the walls intense? Last quarter it got much easier by Tuesday night, it all slowed down because there was no class or school from Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning. Now I fill all those hours with practicum time and I am nervous. What will I do with myself? What will they have me do? They said there is lots for me to do. Maybe I could read, they said. Part of it is they are all strangers, my field instructor or boss kind of intimidates me and it scares me I’ll never have a time to slow down in the week like before. Even with only three classes instead of four.

So for now I am a little overwhelmed, but, completing all tasks as they arise. Very utilitarian of me. Odd for a social worker…


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